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Fish Passage & Protection Engineering

R2 engineers have extensive experience working closely with the owners of water resource projects to design fish passage and protection facilities associated with the operation of their projects. This expertise includes layout and design of fish ladders and fishway structures for fish migrating upriver to spawn and water withdrawal protection screens and bypass facilities for downstream migrants.

Our staff are knowledgeable of agency design criteria concerning fish facilities, and are well known and respected by state and federal resource agency personnel throughout the Northwest. This experience and agency relationships expedites the conceptual design development and often facilitates a smooth process for obtaining agency approval. Our design staff work closely with our in-house hydrology and fisheries personnel to ensure that our designs are best suited to the local conditions and the target fish species for any given project.

R2’s goal is to offer cost-effective design solutions that maximize the benefits to the fisheries resource while minimizing the impacts on the operation of the project.

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