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Lower Skykomish River, Washington

Habitat Enhancement & Restoration

R2's expertise in water resources engineering, fisheries, and geomorphology provides strong capabilities in designing measures directed toward the enhancement and restoration of channels, aquatic habitat, and adjacent terrestrial environments. R2 scientists and engineers have worked on a variety of restoration projects and are experienced in integrating the physical and biotic components for successful habitat restoration.

R2 takes an ecosystem and physical process-based approach to restoration, ensuring that the design incorporates site-specific hydrologic, hydraulic, sediment transport, and soil conditions as well as habitat and life history requirements of both animals and plant species. When restoration projects are developed for purposes of mitigating project impacts, R2 personnel have considerable experience interacting and negotiating with relevant agencies.

Services offered include:Benewah Creek, Idaho

Habitat Enhancement and Channel Restoration

Resource Restoration / Protection Services

Permitting Assistance