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Spilling from Boundary Dam, Washington

FERC Licensing Support

R2 has extensive experience working on hydroelectric projects and in the licensing arena. Collectively, R2 staff have worked on more than 33 FERC licensing/relicensing projects in the past five years and more than 100 projects total. We are experienced in all aspects of licensing projects from strategy to technical studies to document preparation and agency/stakeholder interaction. We have knowledge of the issues common to licensing forums, and the skills and experience to complete rigorous evaluations and develop workable mitigation/enhancement concepts. We also have strong relationships with agency staff to successfully navigate the FERC process. R2 has participated in all three (Traditional, Alternative, Integrated) of the FERC licensing processes.

Specialists within R2 have a number of unique qualifications and capabilities that are of value in addressing some of the technical issues related to the licensing and permitting of hydroelectric projects:

Pre-Application Consultation & StudiesLower Baker Dam and Powerhouse, Washington

Application Support